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A pipe dream - an idea that could never happen because it is impossible. (sen
Beauty sleep - sleep before midnight or sleep 9. sufficient to stay healthy (about 8 hours per night for adults) that helps preserve youthful looks
Beyond one’s wildest dreams –better than one could ever have imagined or hoped
Cat nap – short sleep (drzemka)
Crack of dawn - very early in the morning (wicie)
Hit the hay – go to bed (iść w kimono)
In the wake of sth – coming after or following sth ( The storm left a trail of destruction in its wake).

Let sleeping dogs lie – do not try to change a situation that could become a problem if sb interfered (nie wywołuj wilka z lasu)

Loud enough to wake the dead – expression referring to very loud noise (tak głośny, że obudziłby umarłego).

Not sleep a wink – get no sleep at all (nie zmrużyć oka)

Not to lose sleep over sth – not to worry much about sth
Recharge one’s batteries - regain energy by sleeping or resting
Shuteye – sleep (informal)
Sleep around – to have many sexual partners
Sleep on sth - to not make an immediate decision about a plan or idea, but to wait until the next day in order to have more time to think about it.

Sleep the sleep of the just – sleep well with a clear conscience

To cry / sob oneself to sleep – to cry until one falls asleep

To sleep like a log – to sleep deeply

To sleep rough – to sleep outdoors wherever one can
Toss and turn – be constantly moving in bed unable to sleep (przewracać się z boku na bok nieustannie)
Wide-awake – fully awake


To dream sth away – to spend time in a lazy way (She dreamt her life away, never really achieving anything).

Dream on – used in the imperative to tell sb that what they’re doing is not realistic. (You want a promotion? Dream on!). – (śnij dalej)

To dream sth up – to have an imaginative or foolish idea – (wyśnić sobie coś)


Sleeping policeman – a low ridge built across a road to make drivers slow down – (poprzeczny ścieg / garb na drodze)
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