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By: Agnieszka J.

Should soft drugs be legalized?

      Keeping drugs illegal is a way of keeping it out of reach in order to prevent people from taking them. However, some people support the view that the soft ones should be made legal and both sides holds strong arguments.
      First of all, the main reason in favor of keeping drugs illegal is the concern of people's health, as they lead to addiction, many diseases and disturbances, including death.
      However, soft drugs are considered to be as harmful and addictive as for example alcohol or cigarettes, which we can legally buy in each shop as soon as we are adults. There are views claiming that if we can decide whether we want to get addicted to drinking or smoking, why cannot we choose to become drug addicts?
      On the other hand there is a danger that legalizing soft drugs would increase the number of drug addicts rapidly. As drugs would be available for everyone and it would be easy to get them and probably more people would like to try it, even if only for once.
      In contrary it is viewed that each drug addict when taking drugs for the very first time wanted just to "try" it and began with the soft ones as well, the harder ones came later. It is also believed that the number of crimes commited by juvenile delinquents would increase, as teenagers are the ones who take drugs the most often.
      Many people support the idea that legalizing soft drugs would solve the matter of "black market" and "drug underground". It would be a way to fight the mafia. As it would not count anymore, they would not stand outside schools and fight for customers any longer, like they do nowadays. In addition to this drugs' quality is expected get better, for they would have to be controlled by the government and we would know exactly what substances we intake. It would also make them cheaper, what on the other hand could increase the amount of drugs being intaken. Some people advocate The Netherlands as a very good example of society where drugs are legalized. Although the number of people using drugs has increased, the black market seems to have decreased and it made no bigger damages to society.
      A further common argument for legalizing drugs is the belief that forbidden fruit is always more attractive. Obviously, when something is not available people are more interested in it and try really hard to get it, even if they do not need it. A good example in favor of this argument is the time of prohibition in USA, where it was supposed to decrease the amount of alcohol drunk, which turned out completely different.
      All in all, legalizing soft drugs would have its strong advantages and disadvantages, but there seems to be no clear statement whether it would be right or wrong, what occurs to be another argument in favor of it – since as long as something is not bad, it is considered to be good.

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